Double Vision

Double Vision 3.0

Watch videos from the Internet in a transparent browser
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Plays online streams in a transparent window that you can "click through". The transparency level is customizable and the tool embeds a quick hide button.

Double Vision is the smart software that enables you to watch online tv, movies and other video in a transparent browser while you work.
Double Vision is a unique browser with a special browsing window that will become "click-through" - which means mouse clicks register on the program running underneath. The video simply hovers transparently on screen.

Double Vision integrates with many popular online video sites such as YouTube, Hulu, FanCast, NetFlix and BlockBuster. It is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Now you can finally watch movies online while working at the same time and not losing any screen real estate.


- Web video viewer
- Click through video
- Transparent web
- Quick Hide
- Auto Mute on Quick Hide
- Double Vision Mode
- Custom transparency levels

9 out of 10

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